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(Words scoring  100+ points)

To view all of the Bamdingers (100+ scoring words) that have been played at Scrabble Club 276 since our computer records began click on this link:


"Old Scrabble players never die, they just become "inconsonant" and lose their vowels!"

Happy Birthday Wishes to our regularly attending Scrabble members who are celebrating their birthdays 


3/1-Jed Martinez
3/20-Lewis Gornitz
3/23-Ian Weinstein
3/31-Carl Stocker

4/5-Cheryl Levin
4/10-Maddy Kamen
4/17-Judy Ford
4/26-Denise Wallach
4/27-Dianne Kaplan

5/4-Joanne Cohen
5/5-Shereen Weinstein
5/7-Roy Kamen
5/9-Jeff Garrett
5/13-Vicki Holmes
5/25-Randy Taylor

6/5-Conor Munro
6/18-Sandra Bromberg

7/3-Michael Vacianna
7/10-Mickey Kaplan

8/2-Mervet Heartberg
8/10-Howard Pistol

9/4-Elaine Patterson
9/10-John Thomason

9/29-Marty Rosen

10/1-Gerry Smith

11/7-Fred Weinstein
11/25-Sandee Bloom

12/2-Marshall Resnick
12/8-Larry Gradus

Over the years I have received many wonderful emails about our club and web site.  Recently I received an email from Cathryn Weaver who volunteers at her local library with children who enjoy playing Scrabble.  Cathryn's email kept me smiling for weeks.  It's so gratifying to know that our web site is helping children to further their interest in playing Scrabble.  Thank you, Cathryn!!! And thanks to Daisy for finding the new Scrabble link!


It was very nice to meet JUDITH ALLWOOD one night when she came to club.  Judith even won one of her games that night.  We keep hoping that she'll come back for more!!!

One night when I arrived at club, there was a new player in the room and she said to me, "Do you remember me?"  Not having the greatest memory in the world, I told her that she looked kind of familiar but that I
 couldn't place her.  It's a good thing that I didn't take too much time trying.  
Funny story....
Thirty years ago I used to take my dog to the neighborhood vet.  There was a woman who worked there who expressed her love of Scrabble to me.  I informed her that I was the director of a National Scrabble Club just a few minutes away from where she worked.
 I gave her my business card and she promised to attend sometime.  Well, she kept her promise!  Thirty years later ROSALIE GEISLER popped  up at our club.  This would definitely come under the heading of "Better Late Than Never!!!!  We are so happy that you are now attending our club on a regular basis, Rosalie!!!

Last week,
appeared at our c
lub.  He had never played in a club environment before and also never played with a clock although he has been an avid online Scrabble player.  His California son founour club for him and suggested that Barry attend.  Even though Barry has only been at our club once, we are sure that he is a "ringer" 
having won his FIRST game with a score of 426 points (!) and although he lost his next two games to two of our expert players, his games were with high scores!  It looks like you will certainly be giving our players a run for their money, Barry!  Glad to have you as a new member of our club.

We were happy to welcome expert Scrabble player, DAVE JOHNSON from Portland, Oregon to our club for the first time!  We hoped you enjoyed your visit here, Dave and will return whenever you are back in the area. 


As always, it is fun to have DIANA GROSMAN and JAN CARDIA attending our club when they are in South Florida.  Hope you get a chance to visit us again soon!

Although they are local, we were happy to see CONOR MUNRO and LARRY GRADUS a few times during the last three months.  Wish it could be more often.  We really miss you guys!


A random photo of our club meeting one night in July.



Image result for cell phone ringing animation gif

Our club members are really getting good at keeping their cell phones off during our club hours. As you all know, when the fund reaches $5.00, that money will be awarded as a prize the following week.


Many thanks to Dena Weinstein and Susie Gornitz along with all of our club members who bring in snacks for us to enjoy on Wednesday nights!!!




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JULY 2019




The nine-month stats information for 2019 is
 now posted on our 
Club Stats page for our regularly attending members and also all our visitors.  If you played 48 games during the first nine months of 2019 at Scrabble Club #276, your name will be capitalized and highlighted in yellow.  If you have attended our club at all during the past nine months, your stats will be listed on the second sheet in lower case letters.

We have been very fortunate to have had our Scrabble Club meetings at Veterans Park for the past 35 years.  But, in the very near future, Veterans Park will be closed for approximately one to two years for remodeling.  As of this time I haven't been given the exact date as to when the recreation center will be closing.  Hopefully, we will be offered another venue in which we can continue to hold our meetings as we have done for the past thirty-five years!  As soon as I have any information I will announce it at club and also post it on our web site.  Please keep your fingers crossed for positive news!

Other than that important post, our web site will next be updated in January 2020 after our 31st Annual Scrabble Awards Night which I hope will be held.  

Happy Tiling,

Sandee Bloom
Director, Scrabble Club #276