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1 word = 10 grains

5 words = 50 grains

Please play daily and help feed hungry people.


What's an evening like at the Lauderhill Scrabble® Club #276? 

Read John Thomason's June 2007 article which appeared in the Sun-Sentinel.

"Lauderhill Scrabble Club #276 is Not for Novices."


Although we found a new venue for our Scrabble Club #276, we are doing the prudent thing and
postponing our "reopening" indefinitely until the Coronavirus pandemic is under control and it is safe for groups to congregate again.  Stay tuned and hopefully in the near future we will have a "normal" existence again!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that our Scrabble Club #276 has found a new "home" to hold our weekly Wednesday evening club meetings!!!

Starting on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 we will be meeting at Denny's Restaurant in Plantation on Sunrise Blvd. near Sawgrass Mills.  They are reserving an entire room for us which is brightly lit, clean and has 11 booths and 6 tables!  The room will allow us to seat 34 players!  Their only stipulation is that we order something to eat, which isn't difficult because their food is good and they have a large menu from which to choose.

Click on the following link to view their menu:

Denny's Menu

Denny's is open 24 hours a day and you can arrive whatever time you want.  Our three games will begin at 6:30 PM.  If you prefer to eat before playing just arrive earlier.  If you want to "eat and play" and think you can do so without going over on your clock, then that's okay, too.  I will only be recording the first three games but if you want to stay later and play other games "for fun," you have that option, too.

Please make an effort to join us on our first night at Denny's so that the management will be happy with their decision to give us a "new home" there!  To quote Rick Blaine from Casablanca, "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!"

Following are a couple of maps.  One is a larger view from Delray Beach down to North Miami. On the second map I enlarged the immediate area of Sunrise and surrounding areas to make it clear as to where Denny's is located. 

Click on the following link to get directions from your home/office to Denny's Restaurant in Plantation at 

12100 W. Sunrise Blvd, Plantation, FL 33323.

Map to Denny's Restaurant in Plantation

Hope to see you on Wednesday, March 18!



Click on this link to see our BAMDINGER HALL OF FAME of all  words that have scored 100 plus points since we began keeping records!  

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The new 2019 Scrabble words have now gone 
into effect in tournament and club play.

If you would like to print out the newest 2-3 letter "Cheat Sheet" which has all the new additions in red font,  please click the following link.

The following list of new 2019 words was compiled
 by Harry Decker from the Phoenix Scrabble Club.

Definitions of 2015 -2019 New Two-Letter Words

New WordDefinition and ExtensionsNotes
DAdad [n -Sfamily.txt

expressing disgust 
a martial arts garment [n -S]                  

POa chamber pot [n -S]toilet.txt
TEthe musical note TI [n -S]

New Three-Letter Words

New WordDefinition and ExtensionsNotes
AJIa spicy pepper [n -S]
CAFa cafeteria or cafe [n -S] : CAFF(s)coffee.txt
CALunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodnot in OSPD5
CUZcoz (cousin) [n CUZZES]family.txt
DASda [n]
DEPa convenience store [n -S]
DOHthe first tone of the diatonic scale, Homer [n -S]also an interjection
DUMcooked with steam [adj]
ECOecology [n -S]
EEWeeew [interj]
EMOa style of rock music with emotional lyrics [n -S] : EMOCORE(s)
ESTa group technique for raising self-awareness [n -S]trademark?
FAHfa [n -S]
FOOa name for a temporary computer variable or file [n -S]finally, BAR has its missing companion. Computers.txt
GIFa computer file in a type of image format [n -S]
GISgi [n]
GRRuse to express anger or annoyance [interj]
HOMa sacred plant of the ancient Persians [n -S] : HOMA(s)
HOOused to express surprise or apprechension [interj]
LAHthe tone la [n -S]
LORunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is good
LUDa form of address to a judge in a court, ma lud [n -S]
LUNa lee [n -S]
MAMmother, mama [n -S]family.txt
MEHnot impressive, boring [interj]
MESunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is good
MMMmm [interj]
MOIused instead of "who me?" to feign surprise when accused of something [interj]french.txt
MUXto multiplex [v -ED -ING -ES]
NAVnavigation [n -S]aviation.txt
NUGa chunk of wood sawn from a log [n -S]
OCHused to express surprise or regret [interj]
OIKa very rude or stupid person [n -S]stupid.txt
OMAgrandmother [n -S] : OPA(s)
OOFused to express discomfort [interj]
OPAgrandfather [n -S] : OMA(s)family.txt
ORGan organization [n -S]
OWTanything [n -S]
PAKa pack [n -S]
PHOa Vietnamese soup of rice noodles and veg [n -S]
POSplural of new PO, or the state of being infected or certain [adj]
REZreservation [n REZES or REZZES]
ROOa kangaroo [n -S]
RYUa school of Japanese martial arts [n -S]japanese.txt
SANa sanatorium [n -S]note SANS already good (different definition)
SEVan Indian food of deepfried strands of flour [n -S]
SEZunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodnot in OSPD5
SHOunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodnot in OSPD5
SIGa short personalized message at the end of an email, a signature [n -S]computer.txt
SOCa sociology course [n -ES]
SOHanother name for the tone sol [n -S]
TECa detective [n -S]
TESplural of the new TE
TIXtickets [n/pl]
TUMtummy [n -S]
UMSnew definition for um: to hesitate or pause in speaking [v UMMED UMMING UMS]
UNIuniversity or a uniform [n -S]
VINfrench wine [n -S]french.txt, alcohol.txt
VOGair pollution caused by volcanic emissions [n -S]portmanteau
WUZunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodnot in OSPD5
XEDunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodnot in OSPD5
YASya is an asian pearnew definiton so now YAS is good. Fruit.txt
YERunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodnot in OSPD5

unknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is good

mental calmness 
not in OSPD5

New Four-Letter Words

New WordDefinition and ExtensionsNotes
ACAIa purple berrylike fruit of a tropical palm [n -S]fruit.txt
ACROa skiing event in which a skier performs acrobatic moves to music [n -S]
AFROa curly or frizzy hairstyle [n -S]about time! Hair.txt
AGLUagloo [n -S]more Inuit
AGROa student of agricultural studies [n -S]
AJISaji [n]
AREGareas of shifting desert sand dunes [n/pl]
ARGHused to express despair or frustration [interj] : AUGHthese get added to: AARGH AARRGH AARRGHH
AUGHused to express despair or frustration [interj] : ARGHthese get added to: AARGH AARRGH AARRGHH
BANCa bench [n -S]french.txt
BAWKan Atlantic seabird [n -S]birds.txt
BAWNa meadow for cows [n -S]cows.txt
BAZZto throw (as a stone) [v -ED -ING -ES]
BEALan infected sore (a painful place on the body) [n -S] : BEALING(s)
BIBEa creature whose crying is an omen of death [n -S]death.txt
BINGused to indicate a sudden action [interj]fruit.txt
BISHa bishop [n -ES]religion.txt
BLAGto rob with violence [v BLAGGED BLAGGING BLAGS]crime.txt
BOBOa well-to-do person who holds bohemian values and leads a bourgeois life [n -S]
BURKa berk [n -S]
CAFScaf [n]coffee.txt
CALSunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodnot in OSPD5
CAMIa camisole [n -S]
CAVAa sparkling Spanish wine [n -s]alcohol.txt
CAZHslang for casual [adj]
CERTan event considered certain to happen [n -S]
CHEMa chemistry class or course [n -S]
CHOCa piece of chocolate [n -S]candy.txt
CINQcinque (the number 5) [n -S]french.txt
CLEGa horsefly [n -S]insects.txt
CLITunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodexpurgated?
COMMcommunications [n -S] : COMMO(s)
CRIPunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodassuming this will be in expurgated list
CUMSunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodassuming this will be in expurgated list
DEPSdep [n]
DESIa person of Indian, Pakistani, or Banladeshi birth who lives abroad [n -S]hindu.txt
DEVIa Hindu goddess [n -S]hindu.txt
DOBEadobe [n -S]already good:ADOBE DOBIE DOBY, polyorth list
DOHSdoh [n]also an interjection
DOOBa doobie [n -S]smoking.txt
DOSAan Indian pancake made from rice flour [n -S or -I]hindu.txt
DOSHmoney [n]currency.txt
DOUTto extinguish (as a fire) [v -ED -ING -S]fire.txt
ECOSeco [n]
EEEWused to express disgust [interj] : EEW
EKKAa one-horse vehicle of India [n -S]
EMOSemo [n]
ERUVan enclosed area in which Jews are permitted to carry on activities normally forbidden on the Sabbath [n -S or -IM]
ESSEessential nature [n -S]
ESTSest [n]trademark?
FAFFto make a fuss [v - ED -ING -S]
FAHSfah [n]
FILKa type of popular music that parodies folk songs [n -S]
FOOSfoo [n]finally, BAR has its missing companion. Computers.txt
GEANunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodOED defines as a wild cherry, fruit.txt
GIFSgif [n]
GOJIa red berry [n -S]fruit.txt
GRIZa grizzly bear [n GRIZ]
GYNOa gynecologist [n -S] : GYNIE(s)reproduction.txt
GYPOa small-time logging operator [n -S] : GYPPO(s)trees.txt
HEPSnew definition for hep : hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) [n]disease.txt
HIYAused as an informal greeting [interj]hellogoodbye.txt
HMMMunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodHM and HMM already good.
HOLOa hologram [n -S]
HOMAa hom [n -S]
HOMShom [n] : HOMA(s)
HORKto spit [v -ED -ING -S]
HWYLan emotion that inspires impassioned eloquence [n -S]
ICKSnew definition for ick : something sticky or disgusting [n]
JIRDa long-tailed rodent [n -S]
JIZZunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodpredicting this will be in the expurgated list
JOOKa tavern that has a jukebox [n -s}
JUDYa woman [n JUDIES]names.txt
KAPUa Hawaiian set of rules for daily life [n -S]
KETAa type of salmon [n -S]fish.txt
KRAIan administrative district in Russia [n -S] : KRAY(s)
KRAYkrai [n -S]
LAHSlah [n]
LARNto learn [v -ED or -T, -ING -S]
LEDEthe introductory section of a news story [n -S]another about time
LEVSnew plural for lev [n] : LEVAcurrency.txt
LIASa blue limestone rock [n -ES]
LIPOliposuction [n -S]
LOTOlotto [n -S]
LUDOa simple board game [n -S]
LUDSa form of address to a judge in a court, ma lud [n -S]
LUNSlun [n]
MAKIa sushi roll [n -S]japanese.txt
MAMSmam [n]family.txt
MECHa mechanic [n -S]cars.txt
MOFOunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodpredict this will be in the expurgated list
MOHOa boundary separating the earth's crust and the mantle [n -S]
MOOKa foolish or contemptible person, or a bad guy in a movie [n -S]
MUNGa round green bean [n -S]
MUSOa musician [n -S]
NAESnew plural, nae [n]
NAGAa half-snake, half-human creature in Hinduism [n -S]hindu.txt
NANOscience that deals with materials on an atomic or molecular scale [n -S]numbers.txt
NAVSnav [n]aviation.txt
NEWBa newbie [n -S]

to stink [v -ED -ING -S]
a tropical fruit tree

NUFFenough [n -S]polyorth
NUGSnug [n]
NYAHused to express contempt for another [interj]
OATYtasting or smelling of oats [adj OATIER OATIEST]
OCHEa line behind which players stand when throwing darts [n -S]
OFFAunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodnot in OSPD5
OIKSoik [n]stupid.txt
OLDEold [adj]
OMASoma [n]
OPASopa [n]family.txt
ORGSorg [n]

unknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is good
a minor injury
not in OSPD5
OWLYresembling an owl [adj OWLIER OWLIEST]birds.txt
OWTSowt [n]
OXERa fence for keeping in cattle [n -S]cows.txt
OXICdenoting a process involving oxygen [adj]
PAANa betel leaf folded around pieces of betel nut and spices [n -S]
PAKSpak [n]
PALIa cliff in Hawaii [n -S]
PAUAMaori name for abalone shell [n -S](but IWI* is still not good)
PERCa chemical used in dry cleaning [n -S]
PHOSpho [n]
PIPAa four-stringed Chinese lute [n -S]musicalinstruments.txt
POGOto jump up and down as if on a pogo stick [v -ED -ING -S or -ES]trademark?
PROBa problem [n -S]math.txt
PUDUa small deer of South America [n -S]
PULKa small sled [n -S] : PULKA(s)Inuit
RENOa renovated house [n -S]places.txt
ROOSroo [n]
RUKHa roc [n -S]birds.txt
RYUSryu [n]japanese.txt
SEPSan african lizard [n -ES]SEPSES already existed as a plural of SEPSIS. Reptiles.txt
SESHa session [n -ES]
SEVSsev [n]
SHENthe spiritual element of a person's psyche [n SHEN]
SHHHSH [interj} : SH SHH SHHHSH and SHH were good already
SIGSsig [n]computer.txt
SITUunknown : not in OSPD5 but MW site says it is goodSITUS was already acceptable
SKOLto skoal (to drink to the health of) [v -ED -ING -S]alcohol.txt
SOHSsoh [n]
SOJUa Korean vodka distilled from rice or sweet potato [n -S]alcohol.txt
SUKHa souk [n -S]SOOK SOUK SUK SUQ already good. Polyorth
SUMIa type of black Japanese ink [n -S]japanese.txt
SUMYnew definition and plural for sum: a monetary unit of Uzbekistancurrency.txt
TASEto stun with a gun that fires electified darts [v TASED TASING TASES]crime.txt
TECStec [n]
TEGUa large lizard of South America [n -S]reptiles.txt
TEINa monetary unit of Kazakhstan [n -S]currency.txt
TIANa large oval cooking pot [n -S]
TIYNtyin [n -S] : TIYIN(s) TIYN(s) TYIN TYIYNTYIN and TYIYN were already good (but they don�t take -S). Currency.txt
TOCKa short, hollow sound [n -S]
TOCOa South American toucan [n -S]birds.txt
TOLTan isolated hill [n -S]mountain.txt
TOSAa dog of a breed of mastiff [n -S]dogs.txt
TREMan electric guitar lever for producing a tremolo [n -S]musicalinstruments.txt
TROUtrousers [n/pl]
TUMStum [n]
TURRa murre [n -S]birds.txt
UMMAthe whole community of Muslims [n -S] : UMMAH(s)arabic.txt
UMPHoomph [n -S]
uni [n]
to inhale electrically heated vapour

VEGAa large plane or valley [n -S]
VIFFto change direction abruptly of a VTOL aircraft [v -ED -ING -S]aviation.txt
VINSvin [n]french.txt, alcohol.txt
VLEIa hollow in South Africa in which water collects [n -S]
VLOGto blog videos [v VLOGGED VLOGGING VLOGS] : VLOGGER(s)computer.txt
VOGSvog [n]portmanteau
VOLKthe Afrikaner people [n -S]
VULNto wound [v -ED -ING -S]
WAAHused to express wailing [interj]
WALIthe governor of a province in an Arab country [n -S]
WETAa large wingless insect of New Zealand [n -S]insects.txt
WIKIa website that allows users to add and edit content [n -S]computer.txt
YAGEa tropical vine of the Amazon region [n -S]
YEOWused to express pain or shock [interj]
YOMPto march with heavy gear over rough terrain [v -ED -ING -S]
YOOFyouth [n -S]

an asian citrus fruit [n -S]
to yeuk (to itch (to have an uneasy or tingling skin sensation)) 
fruit.txt, japanese.txt
ZEDAgrandfather [n -S : ZAIDA ZAIDEH ZAIDY ZEDAyiddish.txt
ZIZZto make a buzzing sound [v -ED -ING -ES]

Below are some more of the new 300 words and their definitions that have been added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  

AQUAFABAThe liquid that results when beans are cooked in water. Aquafaba is used especially in vegan cooking as an egg white substitute.

ARANCINI: An appetizer of deep-fried rice balls stuffed with savory fillings. Yum.

BEATDOWN: A literal violent beating, or an overwhelming defeat.

BESTIEBest friend.

BIBIMBAP: A Korean dish of rice with cooked vegetables, usually meat, and often a raw or fried egg. It’s often served in a special stone bowl. Delicious.

BITCOIN: What cool/foolhardy people use for money.

BIZJET: A small plane used by corporate executives.

BOKEH: Coming from the Japanese word for “blur,” it’s the aesthetic quality of the blurry background in some photos that contrasts with the sharp focus on the subject. Like this gorgeous one.

BOTNET: A network of computers that have been linked together by malware, hacking, etc. First used in 2003, according to Merriam-Webster; we’ve been bedeviled for quite a while now.

CANKLE: Cankles are thick ankles; it’s a portmanteau of calves + ankles. Mean.

CAPTCHA: The computer security technology requiring Web page visitors to look at one or more pictures and answer a question to prove that they’re human and not computer bots. When you fill out The Style Invitational’s entry form, such as this week’s, you’re likely to be asked to check off which of nine photos contain a picture of a vehicle, etc. And yes, of course, the bots are figuring it out.

CAPCOM: Capsule communicator, the person responsible for communicating via radio with the crew of a space mission. The government luvvvs portmanteaux.

CHYRON: Pronounced “ky-ron,” it’s the caption that runs under video clips, as on the news, and named for a 1970s manufacturer.

CONLANG: Constructed + language, a language that’s purposely invented, such as Esperanto or Klingon, rather than one that develops organically. My guess is that conlangs tend to have a lot of portmanteau words, like conlang.

COTIJA: A hard, white, crumbly Mexican cheese, described as resembling a cross between feta and parmesan. It doesn’t melt.

EMOJI: Well, you know what that is. But did you know that the name doesn’t come from “emotion,” as “emoticon” does? According to M-W, it’s a Japanese portmanteau: “e” for “picture”; “moji” for “letter” or “character.” Also, it says, the plural may be either emoji or emojis.

EW: Non-tournament Scrabble players are surely not turning up their noses at this immensely helpful addition to the two-letter-word list.

EXOME: Pronounced EX-ome, it’s another portmanteau, exon + genome. The exome is the portion of the genome known to encode proteins; sequencing the exome rather than the entire genome is less costly but still yields useful data.

FACEPALM: A noun or a verb referring to covering your face in dismay.

FARRO: A large-grained kind of wheat that is nutritious and delicious. (You may notice that I seem to find every kind of food delicious. This is not quite true: I can’t learn to like Asian bitter melon, and, well, Peeps and candy corn aren’t food, so they don’t count.)

FROWNY: M-W lists it as a noun as well as an adjective. So: Does it really take more muscles to frown than to smile, as your aunt’s favorite chain email insists? Snopes determines it “unproven,” but does supply an amusing variety of muscle counts.

GAMIFY: It does not mean to make something smell like roadkill; it’s adding games to training programs to make them more interesting and understandable. Gamification is the noun.

HIVEMIND: The one-word variant of hive mind, “the collective thoughts, ideas, and opinions of a group of people (such as Internet users) regarded as functioning together as a single mind,” as a hive of bees does. I wouldn’t say the Loser Community is “a single mind,” opinion-wise, but it’s a heck of a collective repository of knowledge and source of wit.

JUDGY: Pejorative for the already-by-now pejorative judgmental.

LISTICLEList + article, an “information” format popular with those who tend not to read two paragraphs in a row.

MACARON: A little French meringue sandwich cookie. It is, needless to say, delicious. Not the same as macaroon or Macron.

MULLOWAY: “A large, silvery fish (Argyrosomus japonicus synonym A. hololepidotus) of chiefly coastal waters from Africa to Australia that is valued as a food and sport fish. I have never had this fish, but I am sure that it is delicious.

NUTJOB: Choose your own example.

NUBBER: In baseball, a weakly hit grounder.

OK: Added for the two-letter spelling. M-W dates it back to 1839, and says it was a joke-spelling abbreviation for “all correct.”

ONBOARD: As an adjective, describing what’s carried in a vehicle, etc. Huh, I see that M-W does not yet acknowledge its corporate-speak use as a verb: to introduce and integrate a new employee into the workforce. Nor does it say it’s an adverb, as in “the new passengers came onboard.” I guess aboard still lives.

PAPASAN: A bowl-shaped chair on a cylindrical base, usually wicker or rattan. What you get at Pier 1.

PIZZAZZ: That fourth Z adds that much more ... flair and panache!

PUGGLE: Pug x beagle, yet another portmanteau crossbreed.

ROOTKIT: A malicious piece of software that grants a remote operator complete access to a computer system.

SANTOKU: A Japanese chef’s knife whose top curves downward at the tip.

SCHNEID: A losing streak. It derives in some complicated way from a German idiom for tailor that was used in card games.

SHEEPLE: “People who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced : people likened to sheep.”

SHO: An archaic monetary unit once used in Tibet — and surely included now only to provide a strategically useful three-letter Scrabble word.

SRIRACHA: Now-ubiquitous red hot sauce (not a trademark!). It is delicious but not my favorite red hot sauce, which is this.

SUBSTORM: A localized disturbance of the earth’s magnetic field in high latitudes, typically manifested as an aurora.

TRUTHER: M-W defines it as “one who believes that the truth about an important subject or event is being concealed from the public by a powerful conspiracy.” In actual use, it’s a disparaging term to describe someone who’s taken in by crackpot claims and theories.

TWERK: Twerking: Sexually suggestive dancing characterized by rapid, repeated hip thrusts and shaking of the buttocks especially while squatting. First known use: 2001. So think of all the years when the word existed but you didn’t have to read about it. But have you tried doing it?

UPCYCLE: To recycle into a product more valuable than the original, as to make expensive shoes from plastic bags.

VAPE: To inhale an electronic cigarette. 

WAYBACK: The area in the very back of a van or SUV, the equivalent of the trunk of a sedan. 

WORDIE: Someone who’s fascinated by words and language. I don’t know anyone like that.

YOWZA: Interjection “used to express surprise or amazement.” 

ZEN: A Buddhist sect, or, lowercase, “a state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort.” Another long-overdue and direly needed addition to the three-letter Scrabble list. Not to mention the list of Z-words.

ZOMBOID: The adjectival form of zombie. While the zomboid form of adjective would be aaaaaad-jehhhhhhhc-tivvvvvvvve.


I have been directing our club since 1986 – that’s 32 years and I put a lot of time, effort and love into making this a fun and competitive club!  And although our club is so much a part of me I realized that some New Rules had to go into effect IMMEDIATELY for me to continue as your director!



Starting immediately, Game 1 will begin at 5:50 PM!  

Therefore, I suggest that you get to club no later than 5:45 PM.  At 6:45 PM, the song "Rocky's Theme" will play which will announce the IMMEDIATE end of your game no matter whose turn it is.  Pens down.  It's OVER!  Your score sheets will be given to me at once so that we can be paired for our next game. 

Game 2 will then begin at 6:50 PM with the alarm sounding at 7:45 PM.

Game 3 will begin at 7:50 PM and the final alarm will go off at 8:45 PM. 

We will be out of Veterans Park before 9:00 PM so that Evelyn, the recreation center worker, doesn't have to wait for us anymore and can close the recreation center when she is supposed to!

Let me explain this a little bit more….

I don’t care if there are only a few people here at 5:45 PM.  First come, first served.  When you come in you will be paired with the person who came in right before you.  If there is an odd number of people, you will have to wait until someone else comes in and that is whom you will play…..and so on.  If you feel like you won’t have enough time to play a game that will end when the alarm sounds, you can choose not to play that game and wait for the next game to begin (but the full night’s fee will be paid).  If you end up sitting out because you were the last one in after 5:45 PM, this will not count as a “sit out” on my list.  If you are not happy with this, you are certainly free to leave.  If we are still odd after the first game, I will then use the sit-out list for the next two games. 


This one is simple….I just don’t want to hear any more of them! 


If you have a problem with a hot room, please call the Rec Center earlier in the day of club to make sure that the air conditioning is working that night.  If you can't deal with having just the two fans that night, please stay home in the comfort of your own air-conditioned place.  

The Veterans Park phone number is 954-572-1459.


Don't tell me that you don't want to be matched up with any specific person.  It's not going to happen!  We try to randomly match up the first game so whomever you are randomly matched up with, you will play.  Sometimes you might be matched up randomly with the same person a few weeks in a row.  That's life.


When I am making announcements, I expect all the talking to stop so that I can be heard and we can get on with our games.  This also comes under the heading of "Common Courtesy, Consideration & Good Manners."


Every week I get score sheets without names of opponents, without names of opponents, without bingos listed and many other errors.  From now on I will just enter what is there.

I think we can still have a fun club even with these new rules.  All you have to do is come here earlier and have some consideration for me when I am talking and not complain about things.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players who have attended our club since these New Rules have gone into effect. I am happy to say that there has been a lot of understanding and agreement with these new rules from our attending members.  Not only does our club run much smoother now but we are also able to leave in plenty of time before the recreation center closes! 


 Look up in the sky! 
It's a bird.  It's a plane!  No, it's Letter Man!

To hone your skills as a Scrabbler, Letter Man (aka Gary Moss) will fight for justice and the American way of life by giving you some pointers in each of his Letter Man episodes.

 Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3 , Lesson 4 ,
Lesson 5 , Lesson 6 , Lesson 7, Lesson 8,
Lesson 9, Lesson 10,Lesson 11,
Lesson 12


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